bombay international school

bombay international

wayfinding, graphics

A functional and sustainable wayfinding system inspired by the simple clipboard, was key to the success of this signage project. A solution that supports a new student centred learning model and eases navigation, while reflecting the physical and cultural identity of Bombay International School.

Our challenge was to find a solution that allowed for fixed and flexible identification for rooms; eased navigation within the atypical floor plans and enhanced the user experiences for students, staff and visitors. Maintaining all the while, a strong sense of place and culture.

The idea of using the traditional Masonite clipboard was key to our design solution. It was changeable and sustainable, allowing us the functionality we needed, and provided a language for a signage system that reflected the school’s spirit and sensibility.

In addition to functional signing, this concept allowed for the integration of changeable display spaces for student artworks. A value addition that resonated with school leadership and the student body.

We collaborated further with the students, and worked with them to create graffiti walls for their hangout areas. This allowed them to express their voices, reflecting the spirit of BIS and the sense of place.