bombay international school pre-primary

BIS pre-primary

graphics, wayfinding

Introducing Pre-Primary kids to the concept of Signage, through the age old tradition of story-telling. A design response most suited to the cognitive development of this age-group.

Most children at this age are not really reading, so it was imperative that the signage systems for their areas be visually expansive, engaging and memorable.

4 key IB learner profiles, one for each classroom were matched to animals that featured similar characteristics. The rgd team built narratives around each animal, exploring the traits that were most significant.

Whilst application on signage was simple and graphic, life-size wall murals within the classrooms creatively explored their habitats- a resounding success that led to many show and tell sessions in school.

We carried forward the animal motif and developed additional graphics for their classrooms, that introduced them to basic concepts in fun and engaging ways.