the true school
of music

brand strategy, brand identity,
communication, digital

Creating currency for a music school; A design solution that bridges the divide between the formality of a school and the unbridled passion of musicians. Our strategy was to ‘switch on’ both students and parents, musicians and technicians across age groups, suitably aligning the many faces of the tsm experience across its varied stakeholders.

tsm 2

A key brand insight – to shorten the school’s name, and align it with today’s world of instant messaging, positioned the school very firmly as a millennial brand, and helped rationalise the design delivery.

The colours chosen for the brand architecture worked both with music and colour theory – the three different levels of enrollment were colour coded according to the learning levels, and came together much like an equaliser display.

With disparate audiences and usages, the Identity required a system that was dynamic and modular in nature. Allowing the brand to speak in different voices across its varied stakeholder engagements.

“rgd has 2 incredible abilities. The first is their ability to understand a client’s needs and the second is the immaculate execution of that sensibility into design that really represents the brand and lasts forever. I have personally seen this happen for Bluefrog, my albums, my website and of course all their fantastic work at The True School of Music.”

– Ashu Phatak, Music Composer Co-Founder, The True School of Music (TSM) Co-Founder

The decibel levels of the Identity and language was calibrated across touch-points. A narrative that worked optimally across spaces and geographies.