brand identity, communication, editorial

A name change, an identity makeover, corporate imaging and communication; building a brand and a decade long partnership.

Semiotic surveys and discussions were undertaken to understand the emotional salience of the existing mark. The values and aspirations that employees wanted preserved were carefully reflected in the new mark. Sensitively combining the old beloveds with new dreams.

A dynamic upward trajectory of intertwined colours that circles a notional world, referenced the original ellipse in the ICICI logo; the brand mark telegraphically communicated the organisations philosophy of linked excellence, and its intent to capture markets across the globe.

The new name Firstsource, was closely aligned to the company’s mission. Its single minded goal was to be the first source of excellence for customers and employees across the globe. We worked worked to translate this mission across communication – both external and internal.

We partnered with Firstource for almost a decade; helping to create a feeling of ownership of the new identity and then continued to build the brand across every aspect of the company’s communications across geographies.

Our editorial strengths, in-house capability to develop content helped in publishing and producing the company’s award winning newsletter on a bi-monthly basis.

Our ability to strategise, design and deliver seamlessly across the organisations’ many operations across multiple geographies helped in building a robust system. The Firstsource identity become a matter of pride and more than held its own against the Company’s strong roster of International brands.