turning point sangria

turning point

brand strategy, brand identity, packaging

Genre-bending packaging for India’s first ready to drink Sangria; pop, layered and contextual. Created to tap the urban millennials love for style and Instagram.

We positioned Turning Point Sangria as a fashion accessory, to resonate with the needs of the young woman drinker. A “lit hip” bottle that she would be proud to hold and flaunt.

To create a standout visual experience, we drew from the traditional Spanish mosaic. An embellished but contemporary design that referenced product origin, without resorting to clichés. Fresh pop colours aligned with the flavours, talking India with a haute twist.

“rgd’s packaging designs for TP Sangria is a treat. The portability of the bottle, the rich and extremely potent graphic skin has taken wine cocktails, to a more youthful, relaxed space, contributing greatly to its success. Young people are flaunting it to their peers and re-using the bottles.”

– Ashwin Deo, Founder/CEO, Trinity Vintners