the mighty tale of hamuman

the mighty tale
of hanuman

editorial, publishing

Reimagining the Ramayana for the contemporary family. A coffee table book created to transcend age, trends and cultures. The magic was finding the the balance between the written word, the richly detailed 18th century miniature paintings and white space.

We were not just designing for all ages, and all cultures, we were also designing for the digital native. Recognising differential reading patterns, our first task was to develop a grid that allowed a hierarchy – that kept the attention of skimmers, browsers and readers. The grid was designed to have a rhythm. With nuanced page breaks to alleviate monotony and to allow for spreads to shout out when required.

Editing images, and using them with type to build a rhythm was a conscious decision – allowing for spreads to shout out when required.

The intent was to create a product that encouraged children’s imaginations to soar, exposing them to the magic of miniatures, also helping them decode the art through an interactive chapter.