the frog turns five

the frog
turns five

editorial, graphics

A pulsating 5 year journey of the iconic club blueFrog gets captured in a unique give-away. blueFrog, Mumbai’s premier live music performance space, asked us to create a unique fifth birthday give-away that would capture its 5 years, and that would resonate with its multiple stakeholders.

Without any apparent structure, the design of the book was configured to allow the reader to meander through the life and times of blueFrog, one spread at a time. Non-linear, layered and rich, one could feel the club and its culture, resounding through its pages.

“rgd’s life insights are what makes the difference in their approach to design – good design can only come from understanding and feeling the whole world and all it’s parts, and exposure to this is what pushes boundaries.”

– Srila Chatterjee, Co-Founder, Blue Frog Integrated Music & Media Project