magic bus

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Reframing the vision and, rebranding a non-profit, to help achieve their targeted goal of reaching a million children. Magic Bus was founded in 1999, with the sole intention of working with underprivileged children through a sports development curriculum. Taking them from a childhood full of challenges into a life of meaningful livelihood via sports based activity.

Our team created a central idea based on change and destiny; the basis for the vision, positioning and overarching message which led to the evocative baseline: ‘Taking a million from childhood to livelihood’. The revised more formal brand mark was rolled out with a well-defined visual language.

The new positioning and brand makeover was first escalated internally across all offices and centres. Internal communication was to introduce the freshly articulated vision and values. Brochures, event collaterals and a poster campaign was also designed for external audiences.

“I find rgd’s sensibility, commitment and really importantly their ability to broker and retain relationships really good. The commitment to get things right is fantastic. The inspiration/ perspiration balance is excellent. We went through a thorough process of interviews and workshops to understand what we should talk about and communicate. This led to
 a relook at the logo, our website and our physical collateral based on rgd’s recommendations.”

– Matthew Spacie, Chairman, Magic Bus