kids education revolution

kids education

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An inclusive, flexible and open identity system designed for co-creation, ownership and change; a design solution that appeals to all age groups and demographics, while reflecting the brands ideology. Reimagining children’s education by listening too, and learning from them.

The key findings – of voice, co-creation and empowerment, the pillars of the movement, informed our design strategy. Children, student leaders and the team were invited to develop icons that best represented facets of a re-imagined education, which once formalised, were instituted into the identity system.

These icons along with typography are the fundamentals of the identity, and are used across all touch points. The animated logo, brings a lot of warmth and gentleness to the word ‘revolution” whilst remaining true to its meaning.

A design and communication resource that added value to this bold initiative, and brought alive key concepts for all stakeholders.

Simple, modular, vibrant and everchanging, the identity of KER will evolve as does the movement.