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Nothing expresses the luxury of handcrafted textiles, better than the textiles themselves. rgd brought alive the dna of the Bandhej brand to every customer – young or old, with uniquely designed, tactile experiences at every store.

Whilst the new brand story of Bandhej called for a revamp of their in-store experience, we were cautious whilst modifying its iconic Brand Mark. Just rounding of its edges, to shift it from a modernist sensibility to a softer gentler one was all it needed.

A deep dive into the brand, its past and its present. A comprehensive study of the retail landscape, profile of the Bandhej customer along with strategic directions for marketing and communication were put together as an aid, to help brand custodians across the country.

Bandhej’s three decade commitment to the artisan and the Indian textile heritage is enviable. Its design expertise and capital quite unique. It needed to communicate its captainship at the store level.

This unusual hand rendered infographic captures the diversity of craft across the country; a great conversation starter about the origin of the merchandise at Bandhej.

Handcrafted panels, fashion images and stories that talk of the craftsperson and their craft give each customer a chance to engage with the product on a much deeper level, communicating the brand promise emotionally and sensorially.