abraham & thakore

abraham & thakore

brand strategy, brand identity

For the new face of Abraham and Thakore we designed an identity that is informed by a design ethos 3 decades in the making. Breaking new ground in the world of luxury fashion signatures, the brand mark is as contextual as it is definitive; taking Abraham and Thakore boldly into the future, while continuing to acknowledge its rich past.

Inspired by the geometries found within their iconic block prints and weaves, the mark references elements of fabric making that are trademark Abraham and Thakore. Handcrafted, with a hint of Devanagari, the mark reflects both the diversity of cultural influences along with the universal sensibility of the ensembles.

Completely hand-crafted, this imprint is designed to sit at the intersection of type and pattern. The unit with its strong presence needed no addition to complete the visual narrative and is used strategically across all customer touchpoints as a singular motif.

Playing with bold black and white, geometric spaces and counter spaces – is in the DNA of the brand. The design team continues this minimalist design ethos in their approach to the visual language in the A&T brand world.

Setting standards in the world of luxe fashion – this chunky, almost retro imagery breaks new ground– “The new identity has revitalised the brand, spotlighting our core strengths and reconnecting to our heritage; our old customers identify closely with the refresh, and we are seeing a lot of younger customers.” The brand mark went on to win a baby blue at the Kyoorius awards 2023.