forest of chintz

brand strategy, brand identity,

Forest of Chintz is all about sophisticated bold designs that draw from culture, and connect the colloquial to the cosmopolitan. The brand strategy and design articulation captures this, situating the brand at the intersection of fashion, art, design and culture.

The name was replete with textile imagery. The brand mark however needed to position Forest of Chintz as a contemporary offering with a youthful strong attitude. The type treatment alludes to the verticality of a forest; its construct breaks traditional reading patterns and reflects the unconventional.

We carried the product’s bold statement-making approach forward in the visual language. With a vibrant colour signature, a combination of egg yolk yellow with an unusual grey. The grey serves as the perfect foil for the jewellery.

We were clear that this boutique brand should be housed in an art gallery-like space. Curated. Experiential. Flexible. Combining culture with the business of selling.

In fashion, statement-making and the art of persuasion is best done visually. Outdoor and digital media were used to capture the eyes and hearts of our audience.

Each collection launch is designed uniquely, responding to the season’s inspiration. Communication, Point of Sale merchandise and product-led art installations bring alive the concept, accentuating the creativity and craft of the brand.

The visual language and communication touchpoints underscore the uniqueness of the products, positioning them as one-of-a-kind accessories for the fashion-forward, making the statement necklace or bag the focal point of an ensemble; communicating value in the craftsmanship and design.