brand identity, packaging, digital

Repurposing the identity, packaging and website design of the craft based jewellery brand Maya. Using design and communication to build brand voice and customer experience, whilst transitioning into an e-commerce player.

Eclectic in inspiration, the jewellery straddles culture and fashion with ease. Each piece by virtue of the craft is always one of a kind, carrying forward the subtle nuances of the artisan and a little bit of India. The brand promotes sustainable design and supports craft revival, these were key parameters that influenced our design solutions and choice of materials.

Tradition, modernity, individuality – values of Maya segued comfortably into an honest and authentic brand story. With a language and imagery that resonates with the contemporary woman, the millennial and generation z.

The Maya audience are not all digitally native, so the user experience was designed to be intuitive and easy to use, and manage. The brand voice was carried forward in the user interface – with large dramatic images, on the landing page, design detailing and a clean uncluttered elegant grid.