the book

editorial, communication, graphics

This limited edition coffee table book holds within its beautifully crafted covers the story of The Bay Club.

Each spread, a vivid experience of on an aspect of the club and club life as envisioned. Anecdotal and lighthearted, the pages take the readers through a veritable visual feast. A journey through the collective archives and stories of the master craftsmen and women who together created India’s finest private club.

The cover is inspired by the iconic nuage pattern of the Club facade. 3d embossed and foil stamped, it is the perfect foil for the interior pages.

The book sets the stage for the bespoke and crafted experiences the club would offer. It also gives a historical perspective of the spaces and reveals the deep-rooted connection to the city.

We decided to communicate the designed environment and service offerings, and reflect the ethos, spirit and lifestyle promised.

While the content was compiled to be varied and eclectic, the production details, the paper and the texture, reference the textural quality of the built environment and reflect the promise of quiet luxury.